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Answering the most pressing questions faced by nonprofit leaders around the world, my podcast is created for the heroic leaders in our society who commit themselves to public service – executive directors, senior staff, heads of school, development professionals, board leaders, and many more who provide service to the nonprofit sector.

Our goal is simple. We aim to find just the right expert to answer the questions on the minds of our listeners. And in so doing, we offer a conversational forum that will inform, entertain and inspire.


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Ep 181: How Hybrid Meetings Can Be Remarkably Effective

with Priya Parker

Tune in as Priya Parker uncovers the treasure within hybrid meetings and shares golden nuggets to transform your hybrid gatherings from ‘awkward’ to ‘awesome’.

Ep 180: Tackling Internal Conflict – Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

with Aarati Kasturirangan

When fierce advocates clash, who you gonna call? Nonprofit internal conflict busters! Tune in to learn how Aarati Kasturirangan, Senior Partner and Managing Director of Dragonfly Partners, navigates this important work.

Ep 179: Why is My Board SO Dysfunctional?

with Rob Acton

Board dysfunction driving you bonkers? Join Rob Acton and me as we unravel the causes and offer practical solutions to get your nonprofit board of directors back on track!

Ep 178: My Foolproof Team-Building Icebreaker for Nonprofits

Enough with the bland icebreakers! Join me as I share a game-changing team-building icebreaker that will change your nonprofit’s group dynamics for the better. Less cringing, more connection.

Ep 177: Building Vibrant Volunteer Communities: Tobi Johnson’s Guide to DEI and Empowerment

with Tobi Johnson

Ready to transform your volunteer community? Join me and the queen of the power of volunteerism, Tobi Johnson, as we explore DEI strategies and share practical advice to help you build a diverse and vibrant volunteer base that drives your mission forward. Don’t miss this game-changing conversation!

Ep 176: Why the Nonprofit Sector Needs a Publicist

It can be frustrating to see people overlook the incredible impact of our organizations. We’re constantly fighting against stereotypes and misconceptions, but I believe we can change the narrative and set the record straight.

Ep 175: Are Crypto Donations the Future of Charitable Giving?

with Pat Duffy

Crypto donations guru Pat Duffy shares his expert insights and debunks some of the myths around crypto donations. We discuss the benefits of accepting crypto donations, how to reach potential donors, and how The Giving Block has helped thousands of charities, healthcare systems, schools, and faith-based non-profits to fundraise with cryptocurrency.

Ep 174: Creating a Board That Reflects the Needs of Your Community

with Whitley Richards

In this episode, we discuss a critical topic for every nonprofit that wants to effectively serve their community: board composition.

Ep 173: Good Fortune, Celebrity Philanthropy, and the Quest to End Poverty

with Jessica Seinfeld

What happens when purpose and celebrity status join forces? Join me as I sit down with Jessica Seinfeld — bestselling author, founder of the powerhouse nonprofit, Good+ Foundation, and wife of comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld to find out!

Ep 172: How Public-Private Partnerships Create Real and Lasting Change

with Chelsea Peters

Tune in as collaboration evangelist and Walton Family Foundation CSO, Chelsea Peters and I uncover the power of public-private partnerships. Spoiler alert: it’s all about combining your superpowers!

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“I run a national nonprofit, large in reach and impact, but small on budget. I’ve been gobbling up resources and at times feel like I’m boing an ocean as I click through the hyperlinks on Google docs, looking for the answer on how to lead and do the right thing in a global pandemic! Joan kindly reminds the listener that the answers are within us and are core to our leadership attributes, and coaches the listener on how to focus and pivot with great suggestions and resources. Thank you!”

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“This is my new favorite podcast! Joan knows her stuff and she had a great guest who also knows their stuff! Every episode is interesting and informative. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone working in the nonprofit!”

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