Ep 199: The Fearless Election Year Fundraising Plan (with Tom Kissane)

by Joan Garry

Conservative and risk-averse boards tend to lower expectations and pull back on fundraising during an election year. In this episode with Tom Kissane, Vice Chairman of CCS Fundraising, he shares compelling reasons to go boldly forward with your organization’s fundraising efforts in 2024.


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I’m worried. 

Conservative, risk-averse boards tend to lower expectations and pull back on fundraising during an election year. This is a counterproductive reaction because, as you’ve probably heard me say, the world is counting on you. 

Instead of retreating into scarcity, what should nonprofit leaders place at the top of the fundraising action plan? And perhaps, more importantly, what do the evidence-based trends suggest about how to create thriving fundraising campaigns?

In this episode, I bring you Tom Kissane, Vice Chairman of CCS Fundraising, who has invested his career advising organizations about how to successfully raise funds. 

In fact, he has helped organizations raise more than $3 billion by partnering with hundreds of extraordinary organizations in designing, implementing, and providing strategic oversight to over 1000 fundraising initiatives for 35 years.

Tom speaks to the facts about fundraising in an election year (and any year) by illuminating the trends and providing real figures to anchor the argument that there is plenty of opportunity for nonprofits to raise funds and thrive this year.  

Listen in to learn about what is trending, what is not trending, and what opportunities are available for nonprofits to create a bright horizon and attract the funds you need. 

Spoiler alert: There are solid reasons NOT to fall back, but to (fund)raise up. 

Tune in to learn:

  • How did the COVID pandemic affect philanthropy?
  • What are the standout trends in fundraising right now? How can you take advantage of them?
  • What is key to engaging millennials and Gen Z in philanthropic efforts?
  • What should executive officers, CEOs, and board members invest in? Why?


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