Ep 203: Can You Answer These 10 Funder Questions?

by Joan Garry

Congrats! A funder is considering donating to your nonprofit and they have questions. For some, this request instills panic. Here is how to prepare!


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Congrats! A funder is considering donating to your nonprofit and they have requested a site visit. And they have some questions…

Does a funder visit provoke fear or excitement for you? Here are three things you should know…

First, potential funders do want to see your facts and figures. But, that is not actually WHY they come to visit. 

Second, a site visit may provoke an organization to panic and prepare by hiding the imperfections and the family’s dirty laundry. Such a reaction would be a missed opportunity because a funder site visit is less about hosting an Open House and more about fostering a conversation that builds trust, thought partnership, and learning.

Third, if you get it right, a site visit is a powerful opportunity to recruit a new member to your posse of engaged supporters! 

So, how should a nonprofit prepare for a potential funder visit? 

In this episode, we’re playing a game! I am sharing my experience as an executive director to uncover how a nonprofit organization should approach engaging with a funder. There are questions that you’ll want to be ready for and there are questions that you will want to ask. Tune in to find out how to prepare and why you can be excited about a funder visit!

Tune in to learn:

  • The 10 funder questions you should always be ready for
  • How to move from intimidated to co-invested about a site visit
  • What is the one word that distinguishes a nonprofit company from a for-profit company? Why does it matter?
  • How can you invite the funder to be a part of your posse of engaged, invested supporters?


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