Dramatically Improve Your Fundraising


Development is not “sales.” It’s about relationships. About creating them, building them, and sustaining them.


3 Reasons You’re Not Raising More Money (and what to do about them)

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Your fundraising challenges are actually just a symptom of a deeper issue with 3 underlying causes. Want to know what they are?

Fix these, and every fundraising strategy becomes ten times more effective. Let’s dive deep, tackle them head-on, and build a fundraising machine!


Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor

Bring a Joan Garry consultant to your organization as a mentor, a professor, a compassionate truth teller, and your own personal management and leadership consultant.

Keynotes & Live Events

As a distinguished authority on  nonprofit leadership, Joan Garry brings wit and humor into the room. Her keynotes are substantive, engaging, and transformative.

Virtual Trainings & Workshops

Bring a Joan Garry consultant in for a 90-minute virtual presentation with your board, customize a workshop for board/staff, or add a workshop to a keynote presentation.

Not Enough Money.

Too Many Cooks.

An Abundance Of Passion.

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