Ep 200: The 200th Episode: Gratitude & Observations About This Amazing Journey

by Joan Garry

Releasing episode 200 of the Nonprofits Are Messy podcast is a milestone. It has been a journey full of insights, observations, and a big fat “I told you so”. This is a look back at how far we’ve come together.


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This one is personal.

I intended for this project to be for you. I expected and hoped that it would shift mindsets, and open fresh conversations about topics that fall far from “small talk”. I desired to create new ways for us to see ourselves and the work we do as humans and as servant-leaders of the next evolution of humanity. (Or perhaps, revolution of…)

Of course, anytime that you start a new endeavor – especially the scary-crazy ones – you might have an idea about what you hope to accomplish, but you can never know with certainty what will come out of it. Surprises and challenges naturally come. As does a heck of a lot of learning, growing, and tests of commitment.

Two hundred episodes later, I’m looking into the rearview mirror with delight at what I’ve learned about myself and what I’ve learned about you through this podcasting medium in which you have allowed my voice to be heard in your world. 

I am filled with gratitude.

Tune in to learn:

  • My 5 big takeaways from creating this podcast
  • What I learned about myself
  • What I learned about you
  • What I’m planning going forward