A First Rate Board of Directors

A great board knows its role. It’s fully engaged in the right ways. It evangelizes and fundraises. It brings contacts and connections that grow the organization’s resources. It feels a sense of common purpose.

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How to Overcome a Dysfunctional Board

Multiple Times Available

You can’t have a thriving nonprofit without a high-performing board. But you CAN fix a low performing board… and it doesn’t even need to take that long!


Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor

Bring a Joan Garry consultant to your organization as a mentor, a professor, a compassionate truth teller, and your own personal management and leadership consultant.

Keynotes & Live Events

As a distinguished authority on  nonprofit leadership, Joan Garry brings wit and humor into the room. Her keynotes are substantive, engaging, and transformative.

Virtual Trainings & Workshops

Bring a Joan Garry consultant in for a 90-minute virtual presentation with your board, customize a workshop for board/staff, or add a workshop to a keynote presentation.

Not Enough Money.

Too Many Cooks.

An Abundance Of Passion.

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The Nonprofit Leadership Lab

With more than 5,000 active members, the Nonprofit Leadership Lab is the world’s most effective
and supportive online membership program for board and staff leaders of smaller nonprofits.