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Joan Garry
  • Should I Start a Nonprofit?

    by Joan Garry

    Essential advice for aspiring nonprofit founders, including key questions to ask before filing for 501(c)(3) status, how to avoid common pitfalls, and create a strong, impactful beginning.

  • The Nonprofit Leadership Lab is OPEN (1-day Flash Sale)

    by Joan Garry

    Listen superhero. The world is counting on you. Come join the Nonprofit Leadership Lab and get the training and support you deserve! Our 24-hour sale closes in the morning!

  • The 3 Deadly Sins Of Dysfunctional Boards

    by Joan Garry

    Discover the three deadly sins that make nonprofit boards dysfunctional and get my tips to transform your board into a powerhouse.

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Not Enough Money.

Too Many Cooks.

An Abundance Of Passion.

About Joan Garry

Joan Garry is the Principal of Joan Garry Consulting. Her team works to build and cultivate leadership at the board and staff level in the service of strengthening the nonprofit sector. She is a consultant, author, blogger and a highly sought after public speaker and media spokesperson.

  • Rockstar Recruitment: How To Hire The Best People

    by Joan Garry

    Dream candidates could be right in front of you and you could completely overlook them if your recruitment process upholds the status quo. Indeed, using the same standard recruiting criteria as everyone else could be an invisible blocker to attracting and hiring your dream team. These two strategies are how you can reinvent your recruiting process with smashing success.

  • My 5 Biggest Lessons For Successful Nonprofit Leadership

    by Joan Garry

    These are the 5 biggest lessons I had to learn when I first became a nonprofit executive director. And understanding how to implement them changed everything.

  • Fire Your Meetings, Refuel Your Leadership

    by Joan Garry

    Back-to-back meetings are a drain. Yet, meeting overload is a common source of stress for nonprofit leaders. I call for a rethink on your meeting schedule. Here is one tool that can powerfully change your calendar and create meaningful space for you to reclaim power to refuel your mojo.

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