10 Ways Boards Screw Up Leadership Transitions

leadership transitions

There are two things I want you to keep in your head as you read this.

  1. Great boards often screw up leadership transitions.
  2. Mediocre boards always do.

I spoke to a board chair once who oversaw a search for a new Executive Director when the current staff leader left after a long and strong tenure. The person they hired was kind of a disaster.

I’m being kind.

Now, the board chair was actually terrific. I asked him to reflect. “Did you hire the best candidate?”

“Oh yes,” he replied. Then he paused. “But it was a lousy candidate pool and I think we all knew it.”

One of my biggest motivations to advocate for strong boards rests right here. The single most important job a board has is to hire or fire and THEN hire a new Executive Director. At the least, a great board stands a fighting chance of getting it right.

First, I want to talk about why this is so important and then I will offer you my top 10 ways board members can screw up an E.D. search or other leadership transitions.Continue Reading

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