Ep 76: The 4 Obstacles to a Diverse Board

nonprofits are messy

It seems to me that an all white board for the NAACP wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense but having some diversity on a board may be more critical than you think. Without diversity boards lack differing perspectives, skill sets, and backgrounds.

It’s time to speak the truth. To stop hiding behind ‘code.’ Seems to me it is time for us to take a close look at what we mean by diversity and why it matters.

I hear it all the time. “We need to diversify our board.” It’s interesting how often people answer the question using some form of the word “diversity”.

We need diverse perspectives. We have to avoid groupthink – it’s probably impacting our ability to think differently.

I believe there are 4 primary obstacles to building a diverse board. In this episode, I explain what they are and I’ll tell you exactly how you can overcome them.

In this episode

  • What I mean by “diversity”
  • How do founders build boards?
  • What your nonprofit has in common with a Broadway play?
  • The 4 obstacles to a diverse board and how to overcome them
  • How much planning is really necessary for diversity?
  • The importance of “layering”
  • Truth or myth:
    • All board members must be wealthy or know people who are
    • The best place to find board members is in your hometown
    • Term limits are not practical

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