Nonprofits Are Messy

Not enough money.
Too many cooks.
An abundance of passion.

Consulting & Coaching

Bring Joan to your organization as a mentor, a professor, a compassionate truth teller, and your own personal management and leadership consultant.

Keynotes & Live Events

As a distinguished authority on  nonprofit leadership, Joan Garry brings wit and humor into the room. Her keynotes are substantive, engaging, and transformative.

Nonprofit Leadership Lab

Join a remarkable community where thousands of leaders gain the expertise and support they need with the help of Joan and her team of experts.

A Nonprofit CEO Board Report Template That Works

Download my streamlined, informative snapshop format for a CEO report to the board and recommendations for major topics to report on.

Joan’s Latest Posts

The 3 Deepest Desires of a Nonprofit Leader

There are 3 things I believe make the top of the list for most of us. And it’s not finding a billionaire to fund your organization in perpetuity.

Should You Ever Cover Board Member Expenses?

What board member expenses should nonprofits pay for? What should they NEVER pay for? GREAT questions! Here’s my answer…

How to Get Your Board to Approve a Give and Get Policy

I hope ‘Part 1’ persuaded you that this policy is a must have. Now comes the harder part – getting the policy approved by your board.

What Topics Would You Most Like Joan to Tackle?

I would love your input. Please let me know if you have ideas for topics I should cover.

Wow, this site has so many resources! How can I find what I'm looking for?
Here are a few ways to easily navigate the resources Joan makes available to staff and board leaders. Check out these links.

Can I afford to hire Joan?

Joan offers an array of services for nonprofit leaders at every step of their nonprofit journey.

One-on-One Engagements (learn more)

Joan is available for larger consulting projects in the following areas:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Transformations / Retreats
  • Team Coaching

These engagements are deep and intensive and tend to be priced at the higher end.

Live and Remote Trainings (learn more)

Have Joan present in person for powerful and engaging live keynotes, workshops, and live virtual webinars. Pricing on these engagements is based on a variety of considerations.

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Workshops
  • Real-time Webinars

Online Education and Community (learn more)

For staff and board leaders of smaller nonprofits the Lab may be the most affordable way to tap into Joan’s expertise and resources.

  • The Nonprofit Leadership Lab
How can I or someone I know become a guest on Joan’s podcast?

We love to learn about new voices who can share their expertise to enrich the work of board and staff leaders.

I’d like to book Joan for a speaking engagement. What’s my first step?

Joan is a highly sought after speaker. Smart, engaging and funny, she ignites audiences both in the nonprofit and corporate sectors. Her mission is to develop leaders and help people understand that service is a joy and a privilege.

Learn more here.

About Joan Garry

Joan Garry is the Principal of Joan Garry Consulting. Her team works to build and cultivate leadership at the board and staff level in the service of strengthening the nonprofit sector. She is a consultant, author, blogger and a highly sought after public speaker and media spokesperson.

“I believe the leaders of nonprofits are superheroes. We support them, share our expertise and stand as their champions.  

For me and my team, this work is a joy and a privilege.”

Client Testimonials

“Intelligent. Strategic. Joan adds incredible value to our work. She has helped us promote effective change with a big sense of confidence, and guided us through day-to-day management challenges and systemic change in complex settings. And did I mention that Joan is fun to work with too?”

Janet Sabel

CEO, Legal Aid Society

“Joan teaches, mentors, instructs, strategizes and diagnoses how I can be the best that I can be. She not only gets it from the CEO’s perspective, but also the Board chair’s side. I’m far clearer about what my strategic priorities are.”

Daryl Messinger

Chair, North American Board of Trustees, URJ

She was phenomenal. We set out difficult goals including working with staff and board more efficiently, finding a better work life balance and making me an external voice for the organization.

Nina Meehan

Exec Art. Director and Founder, The Bay Area Children's Theater

Joan was instrumental in assisting with managing through a crisis, and then providing consultation to the senior leadership on communication and messaging. Her involvement in the organization was invaluable.

Fred Davie

EVP, Union Theological Seminary

“I first met Joan when she was the keynote at CASE Summit in New York. I was blown away. She was an amazing speaker: hard hitting, insightful, and very funny. Later, I referred her to keynote a friend’s conference and the standing ovation Joan got sure made me look good!”

Susan Ball

Senior Director, The Fordham Fund

“As a founder of a new and rapidly growing organization, having a thought partner was invaluable. Joan helped us make tough decisions starting with the structure of our organization and strengthening our board. Joan is wise but lighthearted – clear and her advice is immediately actionable.”
Maria Teresa Kumar

President, Voto Latino

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