The Best Nonprofit Career Advice I Ever Got

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What’s the best career advice you ever got? I really want to know!

It turns out I have a pretty mixed track record when it comes to giving career advice. A story for another day.

But you know who gives the best career advice?

My wife.

The advice she once gave me is a perfect example.

There I was at Showtime. Seemingly happy and successful and yet there was something gnawing at me. But I was clueless.

Until my wife offered the best career advice I have ever gotten.

“You would be a great nonprofit executive director.”

Not something I had ever considered but she made a clear case. “You have natural leadership ability, innate management ability, and you care really deeply about gay rights.”

She could not have been more spot on. A career move that was personally and professionally transformative.

It also began my nonprofit career.

I’ll get a whole lot deeper into my story, including how I overcame some early major challenges (like having just $360 left in the bank, a quarter-million dollars in ancient accounts payable, and a staff of 18 with payroll due in just two weeks!) during my upcoming free workshop, How to Build a Thriving Nonprofit, which starts on Tuesday, October 16th.

The workshop is made up of a series of 4 short videos you can watch on your own time, along with nearly-daily live Q&A’s with me so you’ll have lots of opportunities to chat directly with me and ask all of your questions. And again, it’s entirely free.

–> Here’s some of what I’ll cover in the workshop.

When I’ve run this workshop in the past, it’s been absolutely transformative for so many nonprofits. I hope you’ll join us, and you can get more details and register here.

So back to my original question. What’s the best career advice you ever got?

I decided to ask some real experts.

You might know I host a Facebook group for board and staff leaders called Thriving Nonprofit With Joan Garryyou should totally join us there if you haven’t already. This group – presently 20,000 strong – is definitely thriving!

A member of the group, Kersh Branz, asked a similar question.

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