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Ep 197: Stop Calling It Microaggressions: A Call To Action To Intercept Subtle Acts Of Exclusion (with Dr. Tiffany Jana)

It is a misnomer. There is nothing ‘micro’ about microaggression. What is the real meaning of microaggression, what should it truly be called, and how can a leader recognize and take action to tackle it? Dr. Tiffany Jana shares her insights, why she has stopped using the word ‘crazy’, and what organizations can do to create a culture of awareness.

Help! My Fundraising Event Was a Total Flop!

Raising money isn’t the ONLY measure of fundraising success, but it’s definitely one of them. If you’re still looking for answers to the question, “Why is my org not raising more money?” download this free resource. You might find the key to your next fundraising event’s success!