Nonprofits Are Messy Podcast

Ep 206: The Nonprofit Sector’s PR Problem – And How We Can Fix It

The nonprofit sector has a serious PR problem that impacts its ability to garner adequate support. Nonprofit leaders have a powerful opportunity to be ambassadors and advocates for the sector as a whole. In this episode, I make a poignant call to action for nonprofit leaders everywhere to rally to the side of saving public perception of the important work they do.

Ep 197: Stop Calling It Microaggressions: A Call To Action To Intercept Subtle Acts Of Exclusion (with Dr. Tiffany Jana)

It is a misnomer. There is nothing ‘micro’ about microaggression. What is the real meaning of microaggression, what should it truly be called, and how can a leader recognize and take action to tackle it? Dr. Tiffany Jana shares her insights, why she has stopped using the word ‘crazy’, and what organizations can do to create a culture of awareness.