The Hidden Ingredient of a High-Functioning Board

by Joan Garry

What is the well-kept secret of a high-functioning board? Joan shares the hidden ingredient and why every board needs it.

Crush Your Annual Review: 10 Steps For Executive Directors

by Joan Garry

Executive directors complain that they do not receive a formal annual performance review. Here are 10 potential opportunities for achieving a stellar performance review!

Rockstar Recruitment: How To Hire The Best People

by Joan Garry

Dream candidates could be right in front of you and you could completely overlook them if your recruitment process upholds the status quo. Indeed, using the same standard recruiting criteria as everyone else could be an invisible blocker to attracting and hiring your dream team. These two strategies are how you can reinvent your recruiting process with smashing success.

My 5 Biggest Lessons For Successful Nonprofit Leadership

by Joan Garry

These are the 5 biggest lessons I had to learn when I first became a nonprofit executive director. And understanding how to implement them changed everything.

Fire Your Meetings, Refuel Your Leadership

by Joan Garry

Back-to-back meetings are a drain. Yet, meeting overload is a common source of stress for nonprofit leaders. I call for a rethink on your meeting schedule. Here is one tool that can powerfully change your calendar and create meaningful space for you to reclaim power to refuel your mojo.

Fundraising In An Election Year: Fear vs. Fact

by Joan Garry

Watch this very special video post to learn the facts about fundraising in an election year.

12 Nonprofit Leaders Who Are Changing The World

by Joan Garry

From humble beginnings to the helm of leading change, these 12 nonprofit leaders are bringing equity, inclusion, and justice to the world.

Why I Became CEO Of Nonprofit Leadership Lab

by Glennda Testone

The Nonprofit Leadership Lab welcomes Glennda Testone as the new CEO in February 2024! In this article, she explains how she knew that it was time to move forward and offers advice to leaders considering fresh opportunities.

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Delegate Successfully

by Joan Garry

There is a thin line between doing and leading. Here are 10 causes of ineffective delegation as a nonprofit leader. What are they? And what is the solution?

No More Boring Board Meetings!

by Joan Garry

Learn my simple equation that can turn your board from low performing to informed, enriched, engaged, and ignited.