12 Nonprofit Leaders Who Are Changing The World

by Joan Garry

From humble beginnings to the helm of leading change, these 12 nonprofit leaders are bringing equity, inclusion, and justice to the world.

Why I Became CEO Of Nonprofit Leadership Lab

by Glennda Testone

The Nonprofit Leadership Lab welcomes Glennda Testone as the new CEO in February 2024! In this article, she explains how she knew that it was time to move forward and offers advice to leaders considering fresh opportunities.

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Delegate Successfully

by Joan Garry

There is a thin line between doing and leading. Here are 10 causes of ineffective delegation as a nonprofit leader. What are they? And what is the solution?

No More Boring Board Meetings!

by Joan Garry

Learn my simple equation that can turn your board from low performing to informed, enriched, engaged, and ignited.

Joan’s 3 Biggest Takeaways of 2023

by Joan Garry

In reviewing all of the blog posts I wrote in 2023, there were three topics in particular that stood out for me. Here they are…

6 Ways to Create a Culture of Givers At Your Organization (a Tribute to Heidi Dressler)

by Joan Garry

So many members of the Nonprofit Leadership Lab are pure, unadulterated Givers. But Heidi was the “Queen Giver”.

Love At First Pitch: Dating Advice For the Fervent Fundraiser

by Joan Garry

Here are 5 important lessons that apply to both fundraising and dating. A team member actually tried them out! Did she get a second date?

Chief Diversity Officers Are Set Up To Fail

by Joan Garry

I run a small and thriving business that serves nonprofit leaders. But even if we grew 10x I wouldn’t hire a Chief Diversity Officer.

The Human Cost of a Government Shutdown: A Call to Action for Nonprofits

by Joan Garry

I reveal the human cost of a government shutdown on nonprofits. It’s time to act—advocacy isn’t just crucial, it’s our moral duty.

Master Nonprofit Time Management in 90 Minutes

by Joan Garry

If you see your “busyness” as a badge of honor, it’s time for some truth telling. This reflects poorly on your leadership. So let’s discuss time management.