It’s Time for You to Do SOMETHING!

by Joan Garry

Make a list of friends and family. Consider causes they are engaged in. Get involved. Write a check. But that’s just the start…

Every day, I am surrounded by people who work to repair the world in ways large and small. I see their grit, their determination, their passion, their commitment, and it helps to remind me that there are good people, really good people in this world.

Heads of school, men and women of faith, non-profit EDs, legions of volunteers and millions of what I call, “checkbook activists.” People who have made a choice to do something.

And in this uncertain, maybe even broken world, it’s helping me to make a little bit more sense of things. And the nobility and integrity of these people is so inspiring to me.

Now, imagine that I could gather all of these millions of people together for just one moment and I asked them what they needed. What do you think they’d say? I know. They’d say, “We need you. We need you to offer time. To write a check. To do something. To do something.”

So, here’s what I think you might want to think about doing. Make a list of friends and family. Consider causes they are engaged in. Get involved. Write a check. Go online to your community listserv and find a few local organizations. Identify one of them that speaks to you. Engage.

Or, how about this. Somebody shared this video with you. Send them a note. Say, “Thanks!” Ask for the donation link to their organization and write a check. A small one, or maybe not so small. Please do it right now, before life smacks you in the face or you turn on the news.

Our world, our kids need to know there are people rich with integrity who are not okay with sitting idly by in the stands. We need an army of engaged citizens to tackle this broken world of ours and to tackle it bit by bit. To do something. To do something. Do it for yourself. Helping others is literally good for your health. Do it for those who will watch you, be inspired by you, and maybe, just maybe follow your lead. Do it for the folks who are on the field now, desperate for more help.

Please share this video, and invite someone to get out of the stands, onto the field, and do something.