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Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor

Think of it this way: Joan as your private consultant for six months. She offers core tenets of leadership development with solid actionable advice. She helps you transform and engage your board, improve your ability to make a compelling case for support, lead and manage during times of change or upheaval. She will kick up a speech, a board presentation, or help you fine tune your elevator pitch. Whatever support you need to grow as a leader.


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Joan Garry Coaching


Why 6 months?

Less time is simply not long enough to really dig into the work, especially given Joan’s very practical approach.  In addition, 12 sessions in six months compels clients to make a real commitment to make the most of each session with a dose of urgency.

Can't I just hire Joan for an hour to pick her brain?
We’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for clients or for Joan.  The real benefit Joan offers is with an extended and intensive coaching  engagement.  And Joan doesn’t feel she can add real value in a single session.
What are some examples of what I can work on with Joan?

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How much is a coaching engagement?

The price for a 6-month engagement is $20k. This includes twelve 90-minute sessions over the course of six months. Joan is available for emergency issues between those sessions.

Can I start immediately?

There is often a waiting list, please submit your request below and indicate how soon you would like to begin.


  • Interested? We’d love to know more about you. Fill out the form below and you’ll hear back promptly from a member of Joan’s team.
  • We’ll assess your needs and determine if a six month coaching intensive feels right.
  • If yes, then on to Joan for a brief meeting to determine if there is a good fit – it’s not just about the coaching skills for Joan. You need to interview Joan! Does she have the kind of style and approach that best suits you?

Strategic Consulting

strengthening leadership teams

Strengthening Leadership Teams

A CEO needs to lead with a strong leadership team. Joan transforms groups of direct reports into high functioning teams. Her work includes individual and group coaching as well as offsites.
crisis management

Crisis Management

From an abrupt leadership transition to unrest among stakeholders: Joan will work with you to develop thoughtful and creative strategies to engage disruptors and help develop action plans and messaging strategies centered on mission and values.

navigating leadership transitions

Navigating Leadership Transitions

Leadership transitions are filled with landmines and can be hard to do well. Joan works as a coach with outgoing leaders and their teams to create effective transition plans and with boards to strengthen their capacity to lead.

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“I think Joan is a gift. I was hesitant and from the first moment I felt at ease. She makes it easy to be honest because she truly listens. She challenges you to move towards clarity in defining goals. I would recommend her to any org in transition or looking to spark the next phase of their journey.”

Michael McElroy

Founder, Broadway Inspirational Voices

“As a founder of a new and rapidly growing organization, having a thought partner was invaluable. Joan helped us make tough decisions starting with the structure of our organization and strengthening our board. Joan is wise but lighthearted – clear and her advice is immediately actionable.”
Maria Teresa Kumar

President, Voto Latino

“Joan teaches, mentors, instructs, strategizes and diagnoses how I can be the best that I can be. She not only gets it from the CEO’s perspective, but also the Board chair’s side. I’m far clearer about what my strategic priorities are.”
Daryl Messinger

Chair, North American Board of Trustees, URJ