Our Team

Marea Chaveco – Senior Associate

Marea joins our firm after decades of playing varying positions on the nonprofit field. She is the rare bird who moved into an executive director role out of the Business/Finance arena and the nonprofits she has worked with have been true beneficiaries of this rare inside/outside skill set.

Equally as important, Marea understands the power of relationships and brings that as well as an uncanny knack for connecting people, ideas and strategy.  Through the connections she creates and cultivates, the whole is inevitably greater than the sum of the parts.

Marea began her career in the world of the arts as an actor and then made the nonprofit leap. She remained committed to the arts with tenures at the Trisha Brown Dance Company and the Mark Morris Dance Group, one of the pre-eminent producers of modern dance in the world. In 2011, Marea leapt again, this time to follow her personal passion, public media (she is not a dancer J ).  She joined the team of Futuro Media Group, a nonprofit media organization committed to giving voice to the Latino community in the media.  She joined the team to add business acumen and her leadership skills were quickly recognized as she became the Executive Director in April 2013.

At Joan Garry Consulting, Marea is responsible for managing what has become Joan’s multi-platform business – a business that now includes consulting clients along with a blog, a podcast, a book and a monthly membership site for board and staff nonprofit leaders.

We call Marea the “managing director of Joanlandia.”  She is responsible for new business development, business analysis and serves as the Executive Producer of Joan’s podcast on iTunes, Nonprofits Are Messy.

 Marea lives in and loves Williamsburg Brooklyn where shares a home with her husband and a number of loveable and well-behaved cats. And let’s not forget Moe Landry, happy to play second fiddle to Charlie Garry as the Joanlandia mascot dog. Marea also has two “grown” children Jules and Zoe.


Scott Paley – Digital Strategist

Scott PaleyIn ancient times (the early 1990’s) while an undergraduate at Brown University, Scott had a vision.

A fellow engineering student had shown Scott the first graphical web browser, Mosaic. He was blown away. The next day he told his mother, “I just saw the biggest world-changing technology since the printing press. Nothing will be the same again.” She didn’t believe him*, but he was hooked.

Certainly nothing was the same for Scott. He spent every waking hour learning about website development (instead of studying for his engineering exams.) He built a website for his college a cappella group and quickly saw first hand the power the world wide web had for anybody to create a platform and develop an audience.

In 1999, after a four-year stint as a programmer and marketer at software behemoth Computer Associates, Scott co-founded Abstract Edge, an online marketing agency with a mission to empower do-gooders. Abstract Edge helps nonprofits, educational institutions, and mission-driven entrepreneurs and companies grow, engage, and motivate their audiences. And look great while doing it.

Shortly after launch, Abstract Edge pioneered the Internet as a tool for social change when, in only nine months, AE helped inspire and mobilize nearly a million people to participate in the Million Mom March.

As Abstract Edge’s Managing Partner, Scott has helped hundreds of organizations, including Joan Garry Consulting, build and motivate their audiences online.  Well known clients include Malaria No More, the Innocence Project, All Out, Opower, Harvard, Penn State, Clairol, Marriott, Discover Magazine, and so many more.

Scott’s extremely close partnership with Joan Garry Consulting has made him a de facto member of our team. Our collaboration extends our communications expertise to the increasingly important online world.

If you are interested in learning more about Abstract Edge’s audience development, website design, or branding services please visit the AE website at http://abstractedge.com

* Scott’s mom gets it now.

 Cindy Pereira – Manager, Client Services

Cindy serves as the administrative quarterback on our team and works to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients.

Cindy joined our team after a career that spans three busy decades. Shortly after starting her position as an office manager at Perot Systems she was promoted to management consultant and asked to lead the certification of market data service providers, clearinghouses, and various service bureaus around the world for a global financial institution.  Later she decided to take on an even more demanding mission as a full time mother and raised three wonderful children. In her “free time” she writes for the Montclair Times, does voice-over work,  and provides advisory services to an organization of human development experts who uses theater and improvisation to help leaders and organizations grow.

Versatility, energy, and the innate ability to communicate at all levels are Cindy’s hallmarks. Her interest in people, generosity, and gregarious nature have connected her to a rich cross section of humanity. She has interviewed, photographed and developed countless  friendships with icons of the arts as they pass through the area. In addition to caring deeply for community issues and identifying ways to help those in need, as a volunteer parent she spends time within the school system to promote healthier living and stronger learning environments for children. Through her involvement in charitable causes such as the Hunger Project, a global organization dedicated to the sustainable end of hunger, she reaches others around the world.

Cindy is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and on a good day can tell people exactly what they need to do in French. Cindy keeps us all on time, on budget and most importantly, facilitates our ability to be of service to all of our clients, each doing remarkable work.

She is married to Paul and lives in Montclair.  Her children Mary, Ezra, Julia and their dog Nugget are still at home whereas their oldest son Joao, lives in Austin, TX.