Ep 191: How to Build Amazing Work Relationships (with Michael Bungay Stanier)

by Joan Garry

Great work relationships lead to greater job satisfaction and higher employee retention. Michael Bungay Stanier shares with us his recipe for designing our work relationships to thrive.


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“People don’t leave organizations. They leave managers.”

Michael Bungay Stanier, author of his new book “How To Work With (Almost) Anyone,” knows a thing or two about work relationships. The best work relationships make team members feel valued, heard, and respected. This leads to a happier and more productive workplace and much higher employee retention.

As Michael told me, and as Gallup reports, a whopping 60% of employee exits are actually not due to anything pay-related, but rather because they don’t feel valued as employees or even as human beings.

So as leaders, how do we create a culture where people can build strong relationships? Where they feel respected and valued? Where they never want to leave?

Michael Bungay Stanier joins me on the podcast to answer that question. With a clear, compelling recipe he’s generously sharing with us, he believes we can intentionally design our work relationships to thrive.

Tune in to learn: 

  • How can we transform our management style to fully meet our staff’s needs, both as valued contributors and as human beings?
  • What’s the secret behind building the ‘Best Possible Relationship’ (BPR), and how can we apply it to our work relationships?
  • How does Michael’s philosophy of intentional relationship management give us a fresh perspective on how to build relationships in our teams?
  • What practical, actionable strategies can nonprofit leaders employ to build relationships that are safe, vital, and repairable?
  • Most importantly, what’s the recipe for a work relationship where employees won’t want to leave?

About Michael:

Michael Bungay Stanier helps people know they’re awesome and they’re doing great. He’s best known for The Coaching Habit, the best-selling coaching book of the century and already recognized as a classic. His new book, How to Work with (Almost) Anyone, does what it says on the label. Michael was a Rhodes Scholar and dabbles in the ukulele. He’s Australian, and lives in Toronto, Canada. Learn more at www.MBS.works.


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