Ep 185: The Surprising Impact of a Strong Organizational Values Statement (with Lindsay Hoffman)

by Joan Garry

Let’s bring your organizational values to life in a tangible way. Join me and Lindsay Hoffman as we transform vague concepts into a potent value statement that drives your nonprofit’s mission.


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Let’s dive into a topic that sits at the core of every nonprofit — its organizational values.

I’m not talking about some abstract, touchy-feely concepts that sit and collect dust in a forgotten drawer of your office. In today’s episode, we’re digging deep into the living, breathing essence of what propels your nonprofit forward. The principles and beliefs that are the heart of your organization.

But are these organizational values visible, tangible, and evident in everything you do — from your fundraising to your internal work culture to your communications? Sometimes, they are not as obvious as we think, or as easy to express in words.

 Luckily our guest for today, seasoned nonprofit consultant and strategic planning maven Lindsay Hoffman, is here to guide you on how to integrate these organizational values into your nonprofit’s overall strategic vision. She joins me today to talk about how you can refine these often vague values into a clear, written form. Yes, a full-blown organizational value statement!

Now, this might seem like an ethereal concept, but the impact of a strong organizational value statement is HUGE and far-reaching.

How far-reaching, you ask? Let’s take a leap into the realm of resources, both human and financial. How can something that seems so intangible drive these crucial aspects? The answer is quite simple and profoundly touching.

Tune in to learn how to express your nonprofit’s organizational values authentically and in a manner that truly captures the spirit of your mission. It may just be the key to creating a strong sense of shared values and beliefs, and compel more people to join your cause.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is the importance of organizational values in a nonprofit?
  • How can organizational values drive human and financial resources in a nonprofit?
  • What are the characteristics of a strong organizational value statement for a nonprofit? 
  • How can a strong value statement impact decision-making within a nonprofit organization? 
  • What is the recipe for developing effective organizational values for your nonprofit? 
  • How to handle deviations from the core organizational values as a nonprofit executive director or staff leader? 


Lindsay Hoffman is a nonprofit consultant whose practice combines strategic visioning and planning, program design, and fundraising strategy, for a wide range of organizations.

She brings to the work a deep commitment to equity, the ability to ask the right question at the right time, strong project management & facilitation skills, strategic insights, and a warmth and generosity of spirit that adds just the right element of joy to every project.

Both as a staff leader and a consultant, Lindsay’s worked with organizations dedicated to human services, public health, data science, visual and performing arts, movement building, and the pursuit of justice and racial equity for us and our neighbors. Her career started in program design and development, and in total she’s helped organizations attract nearly $200 million in resources.

Lindsay holds a degree in Economics from Dartmouth College. She lives in Northern Westchester with her partner Matt and their toddler Julian, her daily collaborator on bedtime stories, Legos, and making big messes.


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