Ep 159: Helping Veteran Volunteers Find Their Next Mission (with Art delaCruz)

by Joan Garry

My guest in this episode is Team Rubicon CEO, Art delaCruz. Listen in as we chat about the positive impact of volunteerism — particularly for military veterans.


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Do you know anyone who is a US military veteran? Our sector has many organizations with missions that support the brave individuals who felt compelled to answer the call to serve our country in the military. My guest today, Art delaCruz is the CEO of one of those organizations — Team Rubicon.

Many veterans come home looking for ways to continue the sense of purpose, identity, and community they found while fighting for our country — and Team Rubicon’s mission is to provide these kinds of opportunities. They deploy veteran volunteers as first responders to navigate disaster relief in the US and around the world.

As the leader of this organization, Art has so many lessons to share on volunteerism and the privilege and responsibility of service. We also dig into the real power of community, identity, and purpose when it comes to living a more fulfilling life and making this world of ours a better place.

Join me to learn more about Art’s background, Team Rubicon, and the positive impact that continuing to serve after service has on veteran volunteers.

Click play to learn:

  • What is Team Rubicon? (2:56)
  • What is it like to be one of Team Rubicon veteran volunteers? (13:59)
  • What are some of the best ways to support your volunteers? (18:26)
  • What is the #1 thing that we overlook when it comes to fundraising? (29:31)
  • Why is it so important for nonprofit organizations to invest in their volunteers? (36:50)
  • What are some of the challenges veterans face when they return home? (38:08)


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About Art delaCruz:

Art delaCruz served honorably for more than 22 years in the United States Navy where he commanded a Navy strike-fighter squadron, spent one year with McKinsey & Co. as a Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow, served as a Top Gun instructor, and made six combat deployments. This experience coupled with two and a half years in the aerospace and defense sector in the roles of business development, strategy, and planning, prepared Art to lead the humanitarian and disaster relief organization Team Rubicon, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when the organization pivoted to support hard-hit communities and distribute more than 1.6 million vaccinations. Before becoming Chief Executive Officer of Team Rubicon in July 2021, Art served as Team Rubicon’s President & Chief Operating Officer.

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