Ep 126: Creating 5-Star Special Events in the Virtual Age (with Liz Page and Amanda Harless)

by Joan Garry

How do you create a truly successful virtual event? My guests share with us how intimate a virtual event can actually be!


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In the spring of 2020, just like that, no more in person gatherings. A terrifying pandemic ignited the problem solver in you. You know? The attribute that led you to nonprofit leadership to begin with.

Some folks approached the challenge with: “I guess I’ll have to take my event virtual.” Others went to the root: “I just have to think differently about how to meet the goals that a special event previously met.”

Today, we’ll talk to folks who, for over 25 years, have been fueling nonprofit organizations in the Northeast by designing and executing five-star special events. I thought it would be helpful to all of you to hear what they saw in 2020 and how it shaped the future.

Can social pressures and rewards be replicated in a virtual room ask?

Our guests share specific case studies and the overall crucial elements to succeed in the planning and execution stages of a truly successful virtual event. Learn what barriers you can eliminate and what tools you can use to offer expanded visibility benefits to corporate sponsors.

Plus some advice on embracing online events and learning how intimate virtual can actually be.


Liz Page – In 1994, Liz established Liz Page Associates and combined her theatrical talent with a passion for the arts and human services. Under her leadership, LPA has built a reputation for producing special events for nonprofits and corporations that not only meet but exceed significant financial, marketing, and employee engagement goals. Liz and her team create signature experiences with unforgettable power and style to help organizations reach their next level of success and visibility.

Amanda Harless – Since joining Liz Page Associates in 2001, Amanda has specialized in turning big ideas into detailed road maps that take clients from their vision to reality. She guides event design and fundraising strategy by partnering with corporate and nonprofit clients. Amanda began her career in Development and External Affairs at the YWCA Boston, helping produce the annual Women’s Leadership Event, a showcase of top female leaders in Greater Boston.