10 Things That Drive Executive Directors Nuts

toughest things about being an executive director

Today I offer you my take on the top ten toughest things about being an Executive Director. And some color commentary and maybe an antidote for each.

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Ep 77: Navigating the Tension Between Development and Communications (with Steve Ralls)

Learn more about common tensions between Development and Communications and whether merging them under one umbrella works or muddies the water.

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Ep 76: The 4 Obstacles to a Diverse Board

I believe there are 4 primary obstacles to building a diverse board. In this episode, I explain what they are and I’ll tell you exactly how you can overcome them.

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The Best Book I Read This Past Year

useless meetings

Useless meetings? I have had my share. Bet you have too. Well, over a recent break, I discovered the antidote with a hat tip from a friend and colleague.

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Ep 75: What’s Your One Big 2019 Goal?

Name a big goal you have for the coming year. That’s what I asked more than a dozen nonprofit leaders. Here’s what they told me.

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Ep 74: Good People, Hidden Biases, and Navigating Your Blind Spots (with Anthony Greenwald)

You’re a nonprofit person, so you probably want to change hearts and minds, but your blind spots may be getting in the way.

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10 Ways Boards Screw Up Leadership Transitions

leadership transitions

I spoke to a board chair once who oversaw a search for a new E.D. when the current one left after a strong tenure. The hire was kind of a disaster….

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