Our Team

Seth M. Rosen

Senior Associate

Seth RosenSeth began his career in the nonprofit and public sectors after seeing firsthand how a small group of passionate individuals can change the world.

As a senior at Brandeis University, Seth spent a year at Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders working as an intake volunteer.  Answering countless questions from members of the LGBT community, Seth saw how a small, dedicated staff tackled enormous problems and helped thousands of people obtain the equality they deserved.  The experience was life changing.  It opened his eyes to the effectiveness of strategic advocacy and the power of perseverance.  Seth’s commitment to social justice and public service led him to law school, where he focused his studies on civil liberties and sought experiences where he could affect change.

He interned at Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.  After graduation, Seth litigated federal civil rights claims on behalf of the City of New York.

While Seth enjoyed advocating for civil rights as an attorney, his passion continued to be on the ground, where nonprofits were making a difference one life at a time. He recognized that while these organizations often had noble missions and intelligent, tireless people, fundraising was rarely approached from a partnership perspective.

Since then, Seth has gained considerable expertise in nonprofit law and fundraising. He’s held leadership development positions at major national and international organizations including Amnesty International USA. Millennium Promise and Malaria No More.  Most recently he was the Managing Director of Development, Communications, and Marketing at Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the world’s first HIV/AIDS service organization. Seth was responsible for all fundraising and communications efforts for the $28 million organization.

As a philanthropist himself, Seth has a unique understanding of what attracts major donors to support nonprofits.  Seth and his husband, Dr. Jacob Goertz, support a named scholar at the Point Foundation. Their commitment to philanthropy was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal.

Seth knows that fundraising, when done well, can be exceedingly effective AND a joy for a nonprofit.  Seth’s role at Joan Garry Consulting is to help your organization find that joy.

In his work conducting comprehensive fundraising assessments to Development Director training to board fundraising trainings, Seth invests in each and every client to help them to grow the resources your organization needs.

Note:  Seth is real and not a cartoon character.  We just liked this picture.

Kim Leipham Freedman


Kim FreedmanKim was pushed into the nonprofit world at the urging of a shy, skinny seven-year-old who wanted to sell lemonade to help a sick friend. (He wanted to sell lots of lemonade.)

She did bring some expertise to the lemonade venture: 15 years as a senior marketing executive at a Fortune 500 company, 2 years of leadership in a McKinsey led re-engineering project and 7 years as a sales and marketing consultant.  Lessons learned at the lemonade stand led to bigger projects; Kim has spent the last 6 years as a consultant working with nonprofits and in Higher Ed, to shape messages and sharpen marketing efforts.  Certified by the Center for Creative Leadership to deliver feedback for 360 Assessments, Kim views 360s as a critical piece of the overall portrait of a leader, and how his or her leadership affects the organization

In the world of Higher Ed, Kim started out writing academic web content.  This quickly led to bigger questions and assignments. She challenges leaders to articulate what makes their programs different and worth the cost.

In 2013 Kim launched a specialized summer treatment camp for kids with ADHD. Her business experience prepared her well for the strategic challenges of nonprofits, both big and small. But the reason she stays?  The passion. She believes nonprofits always begin with the investment of heart and sees tending that investment as among the more noble things a person can do.

Kim joined the scrawny kid at his lemonade stand because he had a huge heart and a big idea.  He also had a great story and he didn’t mind getting all sticky.  They got other kids to sell lemonade throughout their city; soon it had spread to four states.  It was messy but fabulous. Nonprofits can be that way.

Scott Paley

Online Audience Development and Social Media Strategist

Scott PaleyIn ancient times (the early 1990’s) while an undergraduate at Brown University, Scott had a vision.

A fellow engineering student had shown Scott the first graphical web browser, Mosaic. He was blown away. The next day he told his mother, “I just saw the biggest world-changing technology since the printing press. Nothing will be the same again.” She didn’t believe him*, but he was hooked.

Certainly nothing was the same for Scott. He spent every waking hour learning about website development (instead of studying for his engineering exams.) He built a website for his college a cappella group and quickly saw first hand the power the world wide web had for anybody to create a platform and develop an audience.

In 1999, after a four-year stint as a programmer and marketer at software behemoth Computer Associates, Scott co-founded Abstract Edge, an online marketing agency with a mission to empower do-gooders. Abstract Edge helps nonprofits, educational institutions, and mission-driven entrepreneurs and companies grow, engage, and motivate their audiences. And look great while doing it.

Shortly after launch, Abstract Edge pioneered the Internet as a tool for social change when, in only nine months, AE helped inspire and mobilize nearly a million people to participate in the Million Mom March.

As Abstract Edge’s Managing Partner, Scott has helped hundreds of organizations, including Joan Garry Consulting, build and motivate their audiences online.  Well known clients include Malaria No More, the Innocence Project, All Out, Opower, Harvard, Penn State, Clairol, Marriott, Discover Magazine, and so many more.

Scott’s extremely close partnership with Joan Garry Consulting has made him a de facto member of our team. Our collaboration extends our communications expertise to the increasingly important online world.

If you are interested in learning more about Abstract Edge’s audience development, website design, or branding services please visit the AE website at http://abstractedge.com

* Scott’s mom gets it now.

Debbie McNally

Client Management Associate


As our Client Management Associate, Debbie is essentially a juggler – a multi-tasker who keeps projects on time and on budget. She also conducts external stakeholder interviews and conducts targeted and custom research assignments.

Debbie comes from a legal and research background and has done consulting work for The Arkin Group in NYC and Treliant Risk Advisors in Washington, DC. In her consulting capacity with The Arkin Group, Deborah was part of a large scale document collection and review project for a catastrophic recovery system. Deborah has led efforts conducting foreclosure reviews, compliance reviews, and was a quality control specialist for OCC reviews of mortgage lenders’ practices. She has also done compliance consulting for Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC), a leading provider of reentry, in-prison treatment, and jail/detention management services. Early in her career she managed a longitudinal, academic research project at Brandeis University where she oversaw data collection, coding and tracking. Debbie has been a contributing editor for the civil litigation journal Jury Verdict Review for twelve years.

Throughout her career, Debbie has utilized her strong interpersonal skills to foster robust partnerships with colleagues and clients to add value to strategic initiatives (this means she is a pleasure to work with). Her ability to breakdown complex concepts and sort through the details allows her to identify the core issues at hand (this means she cuts through the you-know-what to get to the heart of the matter).