Why Nonprofits Matter

why nonprofits matter

Ken Bandes and Judy Kottick

Take a minute from whatever mundane management task you’re doing. Forget about the donor who won’t return your calls or the board member suggesting celebrity outreach (well you’ve never thought of that before).

Set that all aside for just a few minutes.

I’d like to tell you a story that I guarantee will remind you why you work in the nonprofit sector.

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How to Deal With a Micromanaging Board


Micromanagement is probably the biggest complaint I hear from nonprofit leaders. That, or the board is entirely missing in action. Here’s what you can do about it.

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Dear Joan: How Do I Fire a Donor?

dear joan fire donor

Dear Joan: Here’s a question for you. Can we break up with a donor? A high maintenance one who causes more trouble than their money or engagement is…

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A Great Fundraising Plan Must Be Specific

Fundraising plan specifics

Does your fundraising plan state goals with 0 details about how revenue will actually be obtained? How can you figure out the specifics? Here are 3 ways…

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Is “Board Governance” a Dirty Word At Your Nonprofit?


Board governance and oversight of the finances is critical at nonprofits. Here are two free templates you can download to help get the board “on board.”

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Corporate to Nonprofit: The Executive Director Interview

Executive Director Interview

When I went from corporate to nonprofit, nobody was around to assure me I wasn’t in over my head. Or how to prepare for the interview.

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How to Forecast Fundraising Revenue

fundraising data

An analysis of historical data and trends is the first critical step when creating the perfect fundraising plan for a nonprofit. Here’s how to do it.

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