It’s Time For Your Annual Fundraising Checkup

fundraising checkup

When the clock struck midnight this past January 1st, I made three New Years resolutions, all health related.

… Run more.

… Give up (some) pizza.

… Lower my cholesterol.

That last one came because of a check-up I had with my doctor a few months ago. A blood test showed I needed to lower my cholesterol immediately.

So long, pizza. Sniff.

The thing was, I felt fine. Great, in fact. But this was one of those things where I could take care of it now when it wasn’t such a big deal or I could wait and watch it become a big problem.

Does this sound familiar? Does this pattern exist at your nonprofit?

Let me speak directly to the Development Directors out there. Do you wait to look under the hood and diagnose a problem only after there’s an obvious fundraising crisis that can no longer be ignored?

It’s time for some preventative care — your annual fundraising checkup — where you can catch problems while they are still small and easy to correct.

Here is my prescription for a painless fundraising checkup that will help you find any issues early on before a major course correction becomes necessary.Continue Reading

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