Take Back Your Time. Here’s How

manage your timeThe day The New York Times announced that it would now include same sex wedding announcements on its wedding pages in 2002. My staff at GLAAD had pulled it off.

Bad things happened that week. I’m sure of it. There were hateful voice mails. I know I debated angry members of the anti-gay opposition on national television.

But I can’t remember a single detail of that. It just didn’t matter. There are big things and small things.

And that’s what all of us need to remember when the days and weeks seem to spin out of control. When you stop feeling like your time is your own to manage.

There are days that you control and days that control you.

We all know how critical it is to focus on the important stuff and push aside the urgent, but unimportant. Or even just the less important. You must be able to manage your time.

It’s not so easy in practice.

Today, I want to share with you my process for how I manage my time so that I get to control of a lot more of my days.

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