Does Every Board Treat Its Staff This Way?

board bullyI’m really upset.

In just the last two weeks alone, I’ve gotten five different emails from people with basically the same problem.

All of them want to know what to do about board bullying.

One reader wrote that a board member was so disrespectful to one of her staff members that she came to her office in tears.

Another reader (an Executive Director) has his board planning a staff satisfaction survey, which might be fine except this reader has never once been given a performance review (he’s been there over a decade).

Micromanaging is also a form of bullying as well.

Here’s why I’m so upset. I believe that nonprofit organizations are in the business of empowering people, representing the under-represented, curing illnesses, enhancing understanding, offering a voice for the voice-less. Quite often the work is about building awareness and respect for your constituents.

And yet we can’t build that kind of respect within our organizations? Ugh.

It does not have to be like this.

Welcome to my soapbox for the week. What’s the cause? And what can an organization do to make a real change?Continue Reading

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