How to Get Great Press Coverage For Your Nonprofit

Get Press Coverage for Your NonprofitRaise your hand if you’ve ever heard any of these questions from a VIP in your nonprofit?

Quick question: why were WE not quoted in this story?”

“What a great profile on another Executive Director in our community. Can you make that happen for us?”

“If you expect me to fundraise, we really need to get press coverage just like this.”

Ugh. Right?

I always wanted to respond in one of three ways.

The snarky approach:

“OK. You choose. Should I focus on hitting payroll or writing a press release?”

The kvetchy approach:

“Do you think, just maybe, this other organization has a Director of Communications? The only director WE can (barely) afford is ME, the Executive Director.”

The old-school approach:

“We send press release all the time and get radio silence.”

But the truth is, at the heart of these responses is one theme. You have no time or money to focus on this. That’s just how it is in the nonprofit world (sometimes.)

But it’s a BIG thing for your nonprofit to get press coverage. Your board is right. It gets your organization visibility. Visibility drives credibility, leading to more visibility. That leads to power and to money and to impact.

Here’s what you need to know about the press and five steps you can take to significantly increase the likelihood that your organization will get the press coverage it needs and deserves.Continue Reading

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