A Planning Guide for Board Meeting Agendas

board meeting agenda

When is your next board meeting,” I asked one of my Executive Director clients.

We had been discussing her relationship with her board and had just started to develop a plan for how she could collaborate with her board chair to design a great board meeting. Right up until my question, she was a bundle of enthusiasm.

ME: “When is your next board meeting?”

HER: Um, great question… one second. Let me see…”

She looked at her calendar and raised an eyebrow.

HER: “Oops, it’s on Thursday!”

ME: “Thursday? Really? Today is Monday. You mean in three days!?!?”

HER: “Yeah but it’s ok. It just kinda snuck up on me. Not a big problem… I’ll just pull up our last board meeting agenda and work from that. That’s what I usually do. Can you help me tweak it a bit?”

The board meeting snuck up on you?????

Board meetings should not sneak up on anyone. They sure don’t sneak up on Doug Fridsma at The American Medical Infomatics Association.

Doug is one of my coaching clients and I like to think I am more than occasionally of value to him in his work. (Note: If you want to learn more about my coaching services, click here.)

In our last session he was of substantive value to me – illustrating to me yet again that I get as much as I give in the work that I do.

Doug showed me the approach he uses to plan out the board meeting agenda for the entire year, well in advance. His process is enormously useful and he has generously agreed to let me share it with you today.Continue Reading

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