The Big Difference Between Corporate and Nonprofit Leadership

corporate vs nonprofit leadership

Is Family Feud still on TV? Saturday Night Live does a regular spoof but otherwise I’m not sure.

You likely know how the show works. People are asked a question and they have to guess the top answer given in a survey of 100 people.

So for example: “Name something your parents still give you.” The #1 answer was “money.”

I would have answered, “A headache.”

But I digress. Let’s play Family Feud!

Here’s the question…

Name the #1 reason nonprofits are different from companies.

This is tougher than you might think. When I ask people this directly, I always get a different answer. There are so many differences, the #1 answer may not be clear.

But I feel very strongly about the answer. In a moment, I’ll let you know what I believe it is ­– and why. But first, let’s talk about how they are the same.Continue Reading

The 5 Pillars of a Thriving Nonprofit

thriving nonprofit

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Ep 34: Leading a Small (But Mighty) Nonprofit (With Joan Garry)

small mighty nonprofits

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Small Nonprofits Move the World

small nonprofit

Working at a small nonprofit can be especially challenging. Come join my free online workshop called “How to Build a Thriving Nonprofit” on May 10, 2017.

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The Best Way to Sabotage Your New Executive Director

sabotage new executive director

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Ep 33: Successful Nonprofit Collaborations (With Geri Mannion)

nonprofit collaborations

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Stop Driving Your Board Chair Nuts!

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