How to Deal With a Micromanaging Board

micromanage“Help! My board won’t stop micromanaging me!” 

It’s probably the biggest complaint I hear from nonprofit leaders. That, or the board is entirely missing in action. I’m not sure which is worse.

A recent example? I just got an email from a reader who has been on the job for a year. The first six months was all about a financial crisis, but since then, the organization has been stable. The E.D. is ready to take on programming and grow the organization.

The board won’t let him.

He writes, “The board is not listening to me and wants me to do what they say. They keep piling work on me and I am desperate for advice.”

I know the word “micromanage” is familiar to a lot of you.

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Dear Joan: How Do I Fire a Donor?

dear joan fire donor

Dear Joan: Here’s a question for you. Can we break up with a donor? A high maintenance one who causes more trouble than their money or engagement is…

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A Great Fundraising Plan Must Be Specific

Fundraising plan specifics

Does your fundraising plan state goals with 0 details about how revenue will actually be obtained? How can you figure out the specifics? Here are 3 ways…

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Is “Board Governance” a Dirty Word At Your Nonprofit?


Board governance and oversight of the finances is critical at nonprofits. Here are two free templates you can download to help get the board “on board.”

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Corporate to Nonprofit: The Executive Director Interview

Executive Director Interview

When I went from corporate to nonprofit, nobody was around to assure me I wasn’t in over my head. Or how to prepare for the interview.

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How to Forecast Fundraising Revenue

fundraising data

An analysis of historical data and trends is the first critical step when creating the perfect fundraising plan for a nonprofit. Here’s how to do it.

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Take Back Your Time. Here’s How

manage your time

Do you arrive to work feeling as if you have been shot out of a cannon? Breathless? Feeling like you are playing catch-up from the moment you sit down?

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