The Problem With Special Events

Nonprofits LOVE special events. And why not? They’re exciting and bring in revenue. But there’s a huge problem with them. In this video, I tell you what that is and suggest a better approach.

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Ep 25: Year End In T-Minus 30… (with Seth Rosen)

year end

Most nonprofits see 30% of their revenue come in the door in December. Have you planted sufficient seeds? Will you hit your numbers? Are you ready?

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So You Wanna Be a Nonprofit Executive Director?


Boards needs to know what to ask candidates. Prospective executive directors need to know how to prepare for their interviews. Here’s some advice for both.

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6 Year-End Fundraising Tips

year-end fundraising

Year-end fundraising can be critical for the financial health of nonprofits. But what if it’s getting late and you’re just getting started? Here’s a plan…

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What Really Matters

what matters

Today, the most important thing is perspective.

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Ep 24: Corporate Support the Right Way (with Julie Hirshey)

corporate support

In this episode you will learn about how sports teams — and corporations in general — have so much more to give than just money.

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The Right Way to Run Meetings


Many people see meetings as somehow apart from “real work.” That’s a big problem. Stop wasting time. Here’s the right way to run meetings.

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