How To Fix Your Board

Enough blame. Take responsibility.  Here's a plan

Enough blame. Take responsibility. Here’s a plan.

Sometimes I feel like the host of The Blame Game.

OK, time to let you in on a secret. A lot of nonprofit leaders email me about what they’re struggling with. More often than not, it’s an Executive Director or board chair complaining about their boards.

  • Not engaged
  • Not raising enough money
  • Not giving enough money
  • Not caring about thinking about giving or raising money

You get the idea.

Complaining about the board is a nonprofit’s version of an Olympic sport!

Today, I want to give you (board chair, ED, senior staffer) some practical steps to improving this sorry situation at your nonprofit.

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Dear Joan…

I'm way less bossy than Lucy

So many readers send along questions. Here are my thoughts on some of them.

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Is Your Board As Good As This One?


In his own words, a board member shares why he believes his is a great board of directors.

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Why Do So Many Nonprofits Live or Die By Special Events?

For those of you who've never seen one, this is a rolodex.

Why do so many nonprofits rely on special events revenue? This is a huge mistake and can take down a nonprofit.

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You Might Have A Dysfunctional Board If…

You can't make this stuff up.

How do you know you have a dysfunctional board? Here are the stories 11 different people shared with me.

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Hey Executive Director! Time to Get a Thicker Skin!

Before you mount your high horse, ask a few questions.

How can you avoid being whiny or defensive when you’re criticized regularly from all sides? Even by people on YOUR side?

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True Tales of Dysfunctional Boards

Possible board recruits for a train wreck board.

Here are the funniest “train wreck nonprofit board” stories that have been shared with me.

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