How to Avoid Burnout

Avoid BurnoutDear Fellow Fundraisers,

Let’s talk about stress. And how to manage it.

Because goodness knows, fundraising as a profession can be very stressful.

We need to figure out how to let the stress go before it kills us. We’re doing a lot of harm to ourselves by putting our jobs before our own wellbeing.

But it’s not the job’s fault. It’s ours.

Joan frequently tells the story of how she nearly killed her Development Director. The short version is that while at GLAAD, Joan once stressed out her Development Director Julie so badly that Julie actually showed up to a board meeting wearing a heart monitor. And Joan didn’t tell her to go home.


But we all let this sort of thing happen all the time. I’m just as guilty.

Last year, the stress of work literally put me in the emergency room.

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