How Executive Directors Can Most Help Their Development Directors

development director helpDear Executive Directors,

Hold on to your hats because I have some surprising news for you.

Creating a topnotch fundraising plan is not solely the job of your Director of Development. You are an important part of the success of this plan and a key stakeholder in its creation.

Maybe you already know this. Even live it. If you do, kudos.

But I’ll share from my own experience. I have never once worked with an Executive Director or CEO that fully embraced the reality that a Director of Development cannot create a compelling and fully optimized development plan without extensive CEO input.

A good plan? Sure. One that brings in money? No doubt.

But without your input, the plan will never be the best it can be.

It’s not just my own experience either. I now work with a number of different nonprofits and this same issue has come up a bunch of times.

It comes down to this. A DoD can create a good plan without your input, but it will never be the best it can be. It’s not that Executive Directors don’t want to help. Of course they do.

So with that in mind, and understanding that many nonprofits are starting a new fiscal year on July 1st, I’ve prepared an easy plan for any Executive Director to use as a template to work with their Director of Development to create an outstanding fundraising plan.Continue Reading

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