Are People Giving to Candidates Instead of Causes?

how to raise money in a presidential election year

Unless you’re raising money for political candidates, a presidential election year can be unsettling. So much money floods into campaigns, and not just for the winners.

Where will all that money come from? Where was it in 2015 and why didn’t your organization see some of it???

When the whole world is paying attention and writing checks to their favorite (or perhaps their least un-favorite) candidate, how do you cut through the clutter?

Do you lower your fundraising expectations? Hunker down until November and hope folks come back to you? Do you embark on new strategies to steward current donors? Launch a “break out” program to bring in new stakeholders?

For some, praying is also an option.

There seem like many strategies and I found myself wondering what the nonprofit gurus and experts out there thought.

I thought I’d ask some of the best and the brightest. Some of them even wrote me back! 😉

Here’s the exact question I asked:

In Presidential election years, donors have another outlet to make a gift. What steps can nonprofits take to drive donations in 2016?

So today I am honored to post the answers I received from:

  • Jennifer McCrea, Senior Research Fellow at Harvard and CEO/Co-Founder of Born Free Africa
  • Amy Sample Ward, CEO of NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network
  • Seth Rosen, Senior Associate at Joan Garry Consulting
  • Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Blogger
  • Pamela Grow, Fundraising Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Direct Response Copywriter
  • Vu Le, Executive Director, and Chief Unicorn of Nonprofit With Balls
  • Caryn Stein, VP of Content and Communications, Network for Good

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