What Brexit Means for US Nonprofits

Brexit Means for US Nonprofits

If you have watched or read any news since the UK voted to exit the European Union last week, it is very likely these words were mentioned in the coverage:




Financial markets have dropped sharply. Nobody is quite sure what will happen.

I don’t know about you, but this certainly put me on edge. It made me wonder:

  • Will corporations slow down their giving?
  • Will individual donors, especially those near or in retirement, be scared to make a gift?
  • Will foundation endowments fall again?

And it doesn’t help that even the world’s best economists don’t know if we are looking at another recession or just a short-term dip.

Should we just put our heads in the sand and hope for the best?

No! Nonprofit folks are the most resilient, smartest people I know.

We are out there working to solve the words toughest problems. We do not let fear and uncertainty overwhelm us.

But hope is not a strategy.

After the recession of 2008 we all learned a lot about what to do in the face of economic uncertainty and the fact that every member of nonprofit leadership plays an important role in getting through a crisis.

So allow me to suggest three steps to make sure you eat the Brexit for breakfast and not the other way around.Continue Reading

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