The Control Freak Executive Director

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Dear Joan,

I have an ED that keeps trying to control both me as President as well as other Board Members. She insists I run things by her first, even when it’s an ongoing board discussion or a clearly identified board issue. Additionally, she insists that she attends any meeting I have with a potential funder, despite the fact the funder is a connection through me.

For months now we [board members] have all been struggling with her trying to control everything. Committees make suggestions concerning items they are tasked to oversee and she gets rigid and angry that they are “interfering.” In addition, she has dropped the ball on areas she is responsible for… promises to corporate sponsors, correcting financial reports where the bookkeeper made a mistake, etc. She won’t stay focused on her domain.

It isn’t so simple to just fire her. She’s very good in so many other ways but the insanity and the too often daily meltdowns are troublesome and time consuming. When we try to talk with her about this, her constant mantra is, “But it impacts me!” What should we do?

– Fed Up With My Controlling Executive Director

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