That One Great Board Member

how to be a good board memberYou never know whom you are going to sit next to at a bar mitzvah. I had the great fortune of sitting with an older woman who, for decades, has seen board service as a part of her life’s mission.

Clearly, I liked Gloria immediately.

Then, when she told me she never misses my blog posts, I liked her even more.

After we finished kvelling about the bar mitzvah boy, we discussed her current nonprofit.

“I serve on a very challenging board”, Gloria said. She began to describe her board challenges. She was right. Challenging.

When she told me about what she was doing to improve her board, I was impressed. Gloria was smart and clearly understood the big problems facing the organization.

  • An E.D. who saw the board as meddlesome
  • A board that was in fact meddlesome (well, not really in a bad way… just over-involved in minutiae)
  • Board members accustomed to playing the role of staff on small, grassroots boards that were now on the board of a larger organization with a staff of 30 and did not adjust their roles accordingly
  • A board chair that was not leading

But then Gloria told me a story about something that happened at a recent board meeting, and it hit me. There’s a key problem that Gloria failed to mention.

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