Take the Quiz: Is Your Nonprofit Stronger Than You Think?

strong nonprofit

On the one hand, we nonprofit folks are some of the most optimistic people on the planet.

We truly believe we can change some aspect of the world for the better. And rightfully so! One of my favorite things that we do inside the Nonprofit Leadership Lab (my membership community for leaders of small nonprofit) is what we call “Wednesday Wins”. I love it so much because I get to hear story after story of successes (big and small) that our members are having. I cannot tell you how much this lifts me up!

But on the other hand, we nonprofit folks can also be some of the most pessimistic people too. It’s only natural, because nonprofits are messy. Not enough money. Too many cooks. An abundance of passion. Messy. Those words are right at the top of my homepage, after all.

One member of the Lab’s free Thriving Nonprofit Facebook group got to the heart of it:

do everything

“I run a nonprofit. I’m everything.” Gets right to the heart of it, doesn’t it?

Being a nonprofit leader (board or staff) is really hard; we all know that. But at the root of what makes it hard is how much it all matters. Emphasis here on the word ‘all.’ Wow. A job where everything matters, where you have to do everything and it is nearly impossible to say no.

I have been there.

Today, I want to help you with a short quiz.

When I have clients or members of the Nonprofit Leadership Lab take a version of this quiz, many of them find that things are actually better in a whole lot of areas than they thought. Wouldn’t that be nice to know?

The other benefit of this quiz is that it will hone you in on what I believe to be the absolute most important thing you can focus on right now. The area where, if you do focus, you will gain the most leverage and momentum and progress for your nonprofit.

Are you ready to begin?