Ep 75: What’s Your One Big 2019 Goal?

Name a big goal you have for the coming year. That’s what I asked more than a dozen nonprofit leaders. Here’s what they told me.

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Ep 74: Good People, Hidden Biases, and Navigating Your Blind Spots (with Anthony Greenwald)

You’re a nonprofit person, so you probably want to change hearts and minds, but your blind spots may be getting in the way.

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10 Ways Boards Screw Up Leadership Transitions

leadership transitions

I spoke to a board chair once who oversaw a search for a new E.D. when the current one left after a strong tenure. The hire was kind of a disaster….

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Ep 73: The Arc of a Successful Capital Campaign (with Eric Javier)

You need to make a huge leap in your nonprofit. And so you require a significant amount of money in a certain period of time. You may need a capital campaign.

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3 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas for Nonprofit Staff

holiday gift ideas

I have 3 holiday gift ideas. Inexpensive, meaningful, and easy. You can pull off within a week. AND not expensive to ship if your team is virtual.

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Ep 72: Successful Year End Fundraising (with Gail Perry)

We’ve reached prime-time giving season, and I have some good news. It’s absolutely not too late to exceed your goals, no matter where you currently are in your process.

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How to Handle Criticism of Your Organization

handle criticism

Today, I want to help you think about how to handle criticism without anger or defensiveness so that it doesn’t blow up into a full-blown crisis.

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