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So I have a lot to say. If you are interested in talking more about a keynote or a speech to your group or at your event, it’s easy. My keynote commitment may also include 1-2 breakout sessions.  Book signings also an option. Just contact Marea Chaveco @ for more information.

Here are speech topics and themes I have used in the past but I pride myself on customizing my remarks to your audience.


Keynote Speeches

  • The Key Attributes of a Thriving Nonprofits

Why is nonprofit leadership hard? Why are nonprofits inherently messy? How can you move from “messy” to “thriving”?

  • The Power, Responsibility and Joy of Nonprofit Leadership

Broad, informative and inspiring, this topic creates a snapshot of what it takes to be an effective leader in the nonprofit sector and reminds participants of the privilege of service.

  • You Are Not On Top of Anything: The Nonprofit Model of Shared Leadership

For organizational leaders (board and staff), these remarks focus on what Garry sees as the nonprofit sector’s power structure – a model of shared power and shared leadership – between board and staff.

  • The Keys To Developing a Strong Partnership with your Board

Garry is often asked what the key is to developing a strong board.  She often hears complaints about lack of engagement. Garry challenges this with a set of remarks that creates a roadmap for building a strong board – a roadmap that demands a shared responsibility for recruiting, engaging and retaining the best possible board members.

  • The Story of a Nonprofit Virgin or Making the Switch from Corporate to Nonprofit Leadership

This may seem like a narrow topic but Garry broadens it to talk about the transformative experience, both personally and professionally, of becoming deeply engaged in a cause you care profoundly about – either as a staff member or a board member.

  • Building a Culture of Storytelling in Your Organization

Garry believes genuinely that the single most important skill necessary to be a champion for your organization (as a leader, a fundraiser, a board ambassador) is the ability to tell a great story about your organization and why it is important. Look at websites, go to events, listen to staff and board and you will agree.  In Garry’s remarks, she talks about the power of storytelling and then provides actionable advice and suggestions for leaders so that their stories are powerful, succinct, and give stakeholders and prospective stakeholders ‘goosebump’ moments.

  • Turning Your Board Into A Fundraising Machine (seriously)

What will it take to engage your board in the work of raising needed dollars for your organization?  Garry’s advice is smart, funny and actionable.

The Most Important Indicator of a Healthy Nonprofit

How to build a strong and effective partnership between the executive director and the board chair.  And why that matters so greatly.

  • How I Became a Born Again Fundraiser / The Story of a Nonprofit Virgin / The Keys to Becoming a Rock Star Fundraiser.

Garry was hired by a failing nonprofit in 1997 with no fundraising experience.  Zero. Listen to her story and how she learned to be a great and joyful fundraiser.  Many actionable takeaways for board and staff.