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Joan Garry

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Nonprofits are messy

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not enough money.

too many cooks.

an abundance of passion.

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  • Stop Pecking Me to Death!

    Transform your nonprofit’s internal communications from chaos to clarity with these internal communications tips + a handy template to help your team create its own internal comms best practices!

  • How To Attract Top Talent and Retain Top Performers

    Nonprofit talent management is a challenge. Here’s how to attract, retain, and develop the best people to help your org achieve its mission.

  • How to Manage Your Team When Everyone’s Working Remotely

    Discover how your nonprofit can transform remote work into a superpower — creating a thriving culture across your team. With humor, flexibility, and a deep sense of belonging, let’s redefine hybrid work models.


Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor

Bring Joan to your organization as a mentor, a professor, a compassionate truth teller, and your own personal management and leadership consultant.

Keynotes & Live Events

As a distinguished authority on  nonprofit leadership, Joan Garry brings wit and humor into the room. Her keynotes are substantive, engaging, and transformative.

Virtual Trainings & Workshops

Bring in Joan for a 90-minute virtual presentation with your board, customize a workshop for board/staff, or add a workshop to a keynote presentation.

Not Enough Money.

Too Many Cooks.

An Abundance Of Passion.

About Joan Garry

Joan Garry is the Principal of Joan Garry Consulting. Her team works to build and cultivate leadership at the board and staff level in the service of strengthening the nonprofit sector. She is a consultant, author, blogger and a highly sought after public speaker and media spokesperson.

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