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  • board engagement - a top view of 6 people around a black flat surface with their hands extended towards the center. In the middle are three large green connected puzzle pieces, and one of the sets of hands is extending a white puzzle piece to add to the connection.

    A Step-by-Step Recipe For Meaningful Board Engagement

    An engaged board is a high-functioning board. Keep reading to learn how to empower your board to engage in strategic decision making for your nonprofit.

  • commitment to diversity - a winding paved two lane road weaving through trees that are starting to change to fall colors

    My Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Runs Deep

    Earlier this year, I shared my commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with you and asked you to hold me accountable. I am still on the journey, and I am excited to share an update with you in this video!

  • how to fire an employee - two hands cupped together releasing a butterfly over a grassy field

    How to Fire a Nonprofit Employee (Gracefully)

    Firing an employee is never easy. But letting a colleague who’s not a good fit stay for too long can get in the way of your mission. Here’s how to do this more gracefully, even if you’re a natural people pleaser.

  • nonprofit storytelling - top view of 5 kids with different skin tones sitting in a circle facing an older person reading a book on the floor of a library

    Make Nonprofit Storytelling Your Super Power

    Nonprofit storytelling can light a fire in the belly of any and everyone you meet and inspire them to join your mission. Keep reading to learn the way and get a free template to help you get your storytelling right.

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  • nonprofit leadership - lift you higher painted on a concrete wall with multiple colors

    Helping the Helpers: My New and Improved Blog

    This blog has been a go-to resource for nonprofit leaders over the past 10 years… and now it’s faster, more mobile-friendly, and all about helping the helpers. Keep reading to learn more about the improvements we’ve made with you in mind.

  • An Onboarding Checklist for New Board Members

    Got new board members? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to successfully onboard them — and download your free board orientation checklist!

  • how to dissolve a nonprofit - a sorry we're closed sign hanging on a glass door

    Before You Dissolve Your Nonprofit…

    Bills are piling up, team members are leaving for new opportunities, your board is questioning if the investment is even worth it… is it time to dissolve your nonprofit organization? Keep reading to find out.


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Not Enough Money.

Too Many Cooks.

An Abundance Of Passion.

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Joan Garry is the Principal of Joan Garry Consulting. Her team works to build and cultivate leadership at the board and staff level in the service of strengthening the nonprofit sector. She is a consultant, author, blogger and a highly sought after public speaker and media spokesperson.

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