What Are You Struggling With?

Nonprofits sure are messy.

Nonprofits sure are messy.

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My practice and work is all about helping nonprofit leaders like you.

To this point, I’ve primarily done that in two ways.

  1. By providing tips, ideas, checklists, recipes, and tutorials on my blog and emails.
  2. By working directly with nonprofits on larger engagements, helping them untangle their knots and clean the messiness that’s just a natural part of the nonprofit world.

But there’s this huge gap. I know because I get 5 – 10 emails every week on a whole range of issues that are too big or specific to be solved by a blog post or quick email response, but too small to make the cost and effort of a large engagement worthwhile.

Issues like:

  • An ED needs help fine tuning an “elevator pitch.”
  • A new ED feels overwhelmed and wants advice on how to best hit the ground running.
  • A board chair wants some basic advice for recruiting new board members.

Very often, issues like these can be resolved in a very focused hour or so. Sometimes a leader just needs a sounding board. Or a kick in the pants.


First, watch this video.

Here are the details:

  • Sessions conducted over Skype, Fuze or other free technology with video and screen sharing option.
  • After you book a time, a 411 Contact screen will pop up and you’ll provide some basic information about your organization and the challenge you are facing. This way, we can dig right into the challenge during the session.
  • After you fill out the contact form, you’ll move to a payment screen $299 per 50-minute session, paid prior to the session. You can use PayPal, or any major credit card.
  • More than 1 person? Please contact Marea Chaveco prior to booking and we can agree on a group rate.



NOTICE ON CANCELLATIONS:  Sessions are often booked days or weeks in advance.  I wish I could allow for rescheduling at no cost but I’m afraid I can’t. So if you need to reschedule, you’ll need to pay for that rescheduled session as well.  So I hope you book carefully and lock it into your calendar.