Volunteers Are The Worst

Nonprofit Volunteers

Why do so many nonprofit leaders have a serious love/hate relationship with volunteers? And is there anything they (and you) can do to make it work?

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Cast Your Vote For the Ideal Board Chair

superman logo

Time to vote for your ideal board chair. Would you pick Superman, Spiderman or Kermit the Frog? Not the silly question it appears to be.

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Best Employees Never Want to Leave


Every organization has its rock stars. Hare are 5 things you, as the leader, can do to retain your best employees.

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My Board Won’t Listen to Me

Board Won't Listen

You know board support is absolutely critical. You know exactly what you need from them. But they just won’t listen. How do you get your board to listen?

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When There’s No Money Left In The Bank

out of money

The 10 core elements you need to get a handle on to dig yourself out with when your nonprofit has no money left.

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Your New Boss Stinks: Now What?

Not time for subtlety this week

If the new boss at your nonprofit is destroying the place, should you go to the board? If not, what else can you do?

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Hiring a Bad Executive Director

It's easier to make a bad hire than a good one.

Here are 10 easy steps to hiring a bad executive director. Do the opposite and you stand a chance of making a great hire.

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