Ep 14: Building a Great Development Team – with guest Seth Rosen

development team

Seth Rosen, my fundraising genius and associate, lays out the steps for building a happy and productive development team.

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Dear Joan: My Workload Just Doubled and I Need a Raise

dear joan fire donor

Dear Joan: You just got a huge amount of new work dumped on you but your nonprofit doesn’t have a lot of money. Should you demand a raise?

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When Should You Hire Your First Development Director?

hire first development director

While making any hire is often as much art as science, here is my three-question checklist to decide if it’s time to make your first development hire.

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Ep 13: Extraordinary Nonprofit Communications – with guest Sean Gibbons

extraordinary nonprofit communications

Sean Gibbons explains why organizations that do communications well are smarter, stronger, and vastly more effective than those that don’t.

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How to Make Your Donors Feel Like a Million Bucks

Donor Love

When people give to causes that are deeply meaningful to them, they feel like a million bucks. Here’s how to create true donor love.

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A Planning Guide for Board Meeting Agendas

board meeting agenda

Board meetings should not sneak up on anyone. In fact, you should be able to plan the meeting agendas for an entire year, in advance! Here’s how to…

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Ep 12: Turning Tragedy Into Legacy – with Guest Caroline Samponaro

community organizing

This is the story of a community organizing itself in the wake of a tragedy in order to make positive change. With guest Caroline Samponaro.

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