The Boss Who Just Can’t Say No

My Boss Can't Say No

If your boss has the “curse of the pleaser” this post is for you. Your boss won’t push back when those in power make crazy requests. And you bear the brunt.

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Why Diversity Matters and How to Get There


Are you a champion of diversity but struggling to change the culture at your own organization? Hopefully this article will help you start on the right path.

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Give Until It Hurts On #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday

I’m going to share a deep, dark secret that fundraisers and donors have in common but are loath to admit. We don’t love Giving Tuesday.

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How to Select First Rate Board Members

Questions for prospective board members

How do nightmare board members find their way onto boards? Answer is simple. They are not interviewed. They are persuaded. Not good. You must ask questions. Here are the right questions to ask.

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Nonprofit Retreats The Right Way

Staff of Somaly Mam Foundation.  Retreat Facilitated by yours truly. It's nice when your facilitator can take a decent picture.

A retreat is not simply an obligatory offsite. Planned with care and intention, a retreat can propel your staff and your work forward in a big way. Here are my top 10 ingredients for a successful retreat.

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Time To Get More Creative With Your Fundraising?

Creative Fundraising

Your job as a fundraiser is to take what is working and use your creativity to make it better.

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Does Every Board Treat Its Staff This Way?

board bully

I’m really upset. 5 times in 2 weeks people have emailed me because their boards are bullyng the staff. This is insane. Here’s what I told them to do about it.

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