January 20: How to Lead in Uncertain Times


The nonprofit sector has such a critical role to play in lifting us all up in times of uncertainty. And that has ZERO to do with who is in the White House.

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A 60-Day Donor Retention Plan

Even the smallest organization can be top-notch at donor retention. Here is my 60-day plan to set up your new donors to become repeat givers.

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Ep 27: Confessions of a Terrible Board Member (with Eileen Opatut)

terrible board member

What if a prospective board member looks great “on paper” but doesn’t pan out as the five-star board member you’d expected? Is it their fault? Yours?

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The Key to a Successful Performance Review Process

performance review

Too many nonprofits don’t do performance reviews at all. Or do them poorly. And yet, regular assessments are one of the fourteen attributes of a thriving… nonprofit leader..

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Your 10 Favorite Posts of 2016

favorite posts 2016

Whatever you want to say about 2016, it sure wasn’t boring! Here are the 10 most popular posts I wrote in 2016. It’s a great list for any nonprofit leader..

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Ep 26: Building a Culture of Optimism (with Steve Gross)

culture optimism

Two brothers start a business selling t-shirts with just $78 in the bank. They live out of a van and eat PB and J for 5 years. They are selling optimism..

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The Problem With Executive Sessions

executive sessions

Nothing kills trust between the ED and the board like an unannounced executive session and no feedback whatsoever after it’s done. But executive sessions are important…

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