How to Write a Good Board Report

board report template

Don’t bore your nonprofit board! Here’s the right way to write a board report that will actually get read. And remembered!

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The Relationship Every Development Director Needs

development director relationship

Getting this relationship right is absolutely crucial to a successful fundraising program.

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How to Strengthen the Nonprofit Board Chair – CEO Relationship

nonprofit board chair ceo relationship

Nonprofit health depends on a strong relationship between the CEO and the Board Chair. Here’s a downloadable agenda that strengthens that relationship.

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The Most Important Lesson I Can Teach You This Year

Nonprofit Storytelling

A great leader is a great storyteller. Here’s how you can tell the stories of your organization that will help you raise more money.

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Your 10 Favorite Posts of 2014

Joan Garry Snowglobe

I present to you your top ten favorite Joan Garry Nonprofit Leadership posts of 2014. David Letterman style.

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An Open Letter to Fundraisers Everywhere

Avoid Fundraiser Burnout

Life is feeling unfair. Everyone else is getting ready for the holidays and taking time off, but you’re at your busiest. Here’s how to get your groove back.

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How to Recognize a Top Fundraiser

Recognize a Top Fundraiser

It’s one thing to know what questions to ask in an interview for a top fundraiser. It’s equally important to know the answers you should be looking for.

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