Is “Board Governance” a Dirty Word At Your Nonprofit?


Board governance and oversight of the finances is critical at nonprofits. Here are two free templates you can download to help get the board “on board.”

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Corporate to Nonprofit: The Executive Director Interview

Executive Director Interview

When I went from corporate to nonprofit, nobody was around to assure me I wasn’t in over my head. Or how to prepare for the interview.

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How to Forecast Fundraising Revenue

fundraising data

An analysis of historical data and trends is the first critical step when creating the perfect fundraising plan for a nonprofit. Here’s how to do it.

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Take Back Your Time. Here’s How

manage your time

Do you arrive to work feeling as if you have been shot out of a cannon? Breathless? Feeling like you are playing catch-up from the moment you sit down?

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Elements Of The Perfect Fundraising Plan

perfect fundraising plan

There are six elements that make up a perfect fundraising plan for nonprofits. When I’ve left any of these out, I’ve regretted it.

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Dear Joan: There’s Too Much On My Plate

finding time

My advice to a new Executive Director who is struggling to find time to oversee operations AND successfully fundraise.

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How Executive Directors Can Most Help Their Development Directors

development director help

Creating a topnotch fundraising plan is not solely the job of your Director of Development. You are an important part of the success too.

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