Ep 20: Volunteer If You Want to Live Longer (with Pamela Hawley)

volunteer podcast

Harvard did a study that determined that volunteering helps people live longer and healthier lives with 38% fewer nights spent in the hospital.

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5 Ways to Supercharge Your End-of-Year Fundraising

End-of-year fundraising pig small

Last night I had my annual stress dream where I’m taking my high school Spanish final, and before I even answer one question the bell rings and Senor…

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How to Deal With Difficult People

how to deal with difficult people

We all have difficult people in our lives. Here are my top 10 strategies for how to deal with difficult people at work (especially at a nonprofit.)

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Ep 19: How to Give a Great Speech (with Elaine Bennett)


How do you write and give a great speech that excites and inspires your audience about your organization? Elaine Bennett tells you how to do just that.

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Ep 18: Mission Control and Strategic Planning (with Liana Downey)

strategic planning

It seems like everyone views strategic planning with a sort of dread. But when you do it right, it’s game changing. With special guest Liana Downey.

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Help! My Board Chair is a Wimp!

board chair wimp

I’ve got a true story for you. It’s so ridiculous. Except that something like it happens a lot at nonprofits. And I know exactly how I feel about that. Mad.

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Dear Joan: Can I Ask For Donations at a Ticketed Event?

dear joan fire donor

Never hesitate to shoot me an email with questions you have or blog post ideas. Ideas from my readers drive most of my content.

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