When Donors Make Demands

Donors are notorious for suggesting program ideas for your organization that are not like the others.

So when a donor pushes for a new program and implies the money depends on you saying yes, what do you do?

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Is It Always Better to Promote From Within?

A good transition plan should include first rate internal candidates.

Internal promotions bring loyalty, understanding, industry knowledge and passion. Think Derek Jeter. Time to think about your farm team.

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The Five Keys to An Effective Succession Plan

The Brits have this succession planning thing down pat.

An effective succession plan is not about what to do in an emergency. It’s about organizational stability and sustainability.

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How I Screwed Up My Succession Plan at GLAAD

hit by bus

You are not doing your job if you haven’t developed a succession plan for your nonprofit.

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For the New CEO With No Nonprofit Experience

Welcome to the nonprofit world.  It's a bit different here.

You have made a transition to nonprofit leadership. It’s quite different here. Here are some tips.

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How to Convince Your Board to Fundraise

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 9.33.25 AM

Download my free nonprofit board fundraising plan and give it a shot with your board. Use it to discuss how they can reach their fundraising goals.

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The Big Mistake That’s Hurting Your Nonprofit (and How to Fix It)

nonprofit elevator pitch

Handle your elevator pitch the right way and you’ll get more volunteers, donations, engagement and awareness. Here’s how to get it right.

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